Great Expectations

A long, long time ago a very clever man said “the higher you climb, the greater you fall”. I have no idea who the man is – and I wouldn’t bother finding it out, since he is probably long dead. When I was younger, so much younger than today, I was always in love, I was always dreaming. Once I realized I cannot simply expect my dreams to come true, I decided to make them come true. For another clever man said that we must create the opportunities if they don’t show up for themselves. I wonder how one deals with their expectations, for they tend to be high.
A few days ago I decided not to develop any expectations towards a special subject. A special someone. It is a really tough job, as you can imagine. I swear I try not to. I try hard. But I cannot keep fooling myself on this matter anymore. The expectations are great, big, fantastic. Why am I so disappointed?


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