it’s so last year

Que eu estou solteira e solta no mundo, não é novidade. Que eu tenho a thing por ex-namorados, também não. Que eu adoro chorar de quando em quando, menos ainda. Por que ainda perder tempo com a mesma coisa?

Once upon a time there was a little girl, who had the ability to move on easily. She would go out with every guy she wanted, she would never fall in love and the next one on the line would always be there – they would love to be the next one. The story, however, doesn’t end happily, does it?
After some time fooling around this little gitl met the guy she thought could be the one. Not only she was wrong, she also had to fly the entire Atlantic in order to get to Germany for a year. The guy she had not forgotten, but there was another one in the way and she believed love could actually grow.
This time she was right. After a while she found out she loved him and believed, again, he was the man she would spend the rest of her life with. She was wrong again. For months she cried. She even grew thiner. She decided she had no reason to laugh anymore.
Time has passed until she realized life was too short and she should not mourn for so long. She also learned that lauging, being among friends and beer were the best remedies. Still she hasn’t become her happy ending.
Does anyone know the end of the story? Divorced with 2 kids maybe?


Durante esta semana na faculdade eu aprendi como ser nerd. Primeiro, você deve encontrar uma forma de obter material extra. Depois, você gasta 30 min do seu dia estudando esse material extra. Por fim, você conversa sobre assuntos do seu curso com outras pessoas da área – formadas ou não. Pronto, você já sabe a resposta para 60% das perguntas feitas em sala de aula. Beijos

the new beginning

Before I could even realize, I was studying in a private institution and I had to change my schedule. As a matter of fact, I do believe engineering is gonna cheer me up, but at a private institution? – I don’t think so. Last Monday my classes started at Faesa and on Tuesday I was already in need to run back to Ufes once again.
Actually, that was the plan. Life is not always the way we want. I could have studied more, I could have been a better student, I could have decided to change career when I was younger, but we don’t live our could have beens, do we?
Anyway, I was depressed to realize that my routine is going to be that restricted. I remember when I could come and go as I pleased and all that stuff. Having a specific time to eat and go to the restrooms or even getting some air is not good at all. Listening the professors saying that we did choose the best instituion ever is also tiresome.
The good thing is that I am studying the thing I always wanted – and now I want it so bad. Good luck for the next five years.

Ah Droga!

Pois é. No fim das contas, eu sabia que seria esse o resultado, mas eu queria muito ter passado na Ufes. Queria muito voltar a caminhar pelo CT como se fosse a minha casa. Engraçado como nunca me senti em casa durante minhas andanças pelo IC3. Vou sentir muita falta de todas aquelas árvores e das pessoas também. Que pena =/