it feels like flying

I don’t like to make plans. I don’t like to think much of the future. I don’t mind never knowing what is about to come or what I am going to do.
I have always run from relationships. I didn’t use to believe in monogamy. I was quite someone else. I was always in love, but never attached.
I had never thought I was going to really fall for someone and call this person mine. I learned we don’t possess other people.
I’ve never believed he would be the one. I didn’t think I was gonna miss him this long or that much.
I thought I had missed the ability to cry. I thought I was that strong – or insensitive.
I’ve always believed in destiny. I do believe people come and go as they are meant to.
I don’t believe love is forever. Everything comes to an end.
I’ve never thought I would be where I am at the age of 24. I thought I would be completely on my own.
I’ve never liked the idea of planning. First comes the expectation and then the frustration when we realize things go wrong.


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