About five years ago I was in a car accident with 2 other people. I was the driver. The car wasn’t mine – the owner was sitting right beside me. I rather not tell the reason why the car rolled over, but I am sure it wasn’t entirely my fault – or maybe it wasn’t my fault at all.
Well… the accident was pretty bad and I was taken out of it by my friend, who was sitting behind me, while the car was on fire. Someone came out of nowhere and put the fire out.
One of the reasons of the car accident was actually sitting on my right side. And I am really afraid of him. Although five years have passed since the accident, I still get pretty scared. And I saw him yesterday. I am still scared.
Will someone hold me and tell me everything is gonna be ok?


4 thoughts on “Angst

  1. I caught myself thinking about that accident yesterday because of an unpleasant interaction with him on Facebook. I won’t hold you or say anything, but I’m somewhat glad to know you feel that way… Somethings are just unforgivable.

      1. “Thanks for the support” would have been enough. You have never called me “honey” or any shorter version of that, so why now? And saying you think I’m a nice guy is just way too tacky.

  2. lembro que vc me falou nisso. Depois de muito tempo me deu vontade de passar no seu blog pra ver se tah na ativa. Eu acho muito estranho como algumas amizades acabam ou ficam estranhas por algum desatendimento. Vai saber neh! Seu blog eh bom pra por em pratica o ingles ;D

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