There was a time in which I would be desperate for the beginning of my vacation. Well, it happened a lot when I was a kid and all I had to do was going to school – it was awesome to have time to just have fun and not having to wake up early was an amazing plus.

Nowadays, the only thing I want when vacation comes is to travel (a different way of having fun), but it demands a lot: saving money, planning a lot and finding good company. Well, it is obvious that having good friends would cover the finding good company part, but most of my friends are in love with the beach and, well, I’m not. When I was younger I was all about party hard all the time and at the age of 27 all I think about is relaxing and finding time to sleep well – which means spending money on a good bed. I haven’t learned how to sabe money, so I haven’t traveled recently.

So, now I am on vacation and all I wanna do is read a lot of books and study for the tests to come next year. Isn’t that crazy? Well… I also have to… actually, I might have to plan my moving out at the beginning of January, but it depends on other things so… I never thought I would become someone who would intend to study during vacation time.

I can see things have changed over the years…


6 thoughts on “Ferien

  1. 1. I love to travel and I love the beach. I like to travel to places by the seaside (no problem with it, right?)
    2. That is crazy!
    3. Where are moving to?

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