Last week, I was driving home from work and I was thinking of how we tend to label people – dog people, cat people – and how it reflects their personality.

I believe dog people, besides having dogs, are more loyal, more friendly. But no necessarily more outgoing. They do feel a bit more comfort in a crowd, though. I mean, generally speaking.

Cat people on the other hand tend to be a bit more self-centered, sleepy and tender. There are outgoing cat people as well, but usually, we, cat people, are different.

Anyway, we classify ourselves according to the animals we have. But what if we decided to be a little more open to the other hundred of animals in the world? Then I started thinking about my mother. She’s no cat person. She’s not a dog person either.

Although animals love her and love being around her, she doesn’t pay much attention to them. It’s not like she’s not caring or anything like it. It’s just… She’s different.

I believe my mother is more like an elephant person: she has an incredible memory, she puts her family and children first, she’s not like to forget important things easily and the woman has a lot of respect for her ancestors. See? She’s a lot more like an elephant. Also, she prefers eating vegetables – Kidding.